Wednesday, August 24, 2011

my day

the joys of wearing a skirt to school by choice.
finding out by experience that to make it to seminary on time, i must leave at 6:45
the boys in Singers are much more friendly and simply KIND than the ones at AHS combined.
mr. griffin would like mr haymond...but mr haymond may not like mr griffin.
i got three heavy textbooks today. lovely.
i love singing, but i like my seat in concert choir better. paige is nice.
lunch: will always be awkward.
christopher will let me call him anything but Topher. haha.
oh the joys of going shoeless still exist, even in public school
algebra 2 class was lonely. nice teacher though. but i need to make myself move on.
ap lit is awesome. i love her sarcasm.
sometimes craig, amaya and i take the elevator upstairs from the library.
we are so rebellious.
charlie ignores me when i talk to him. he is so rude to me.
amaya agrees. we like to tease him.
ciara's stomach twitches.
some people have absolutely no comfort zone and it's actually ok.
changing around schedules is ridiculously tedious.
i hate cars that break down on you on busy roads.
my poor dad had the same problem with his car.
i hate utah heat that makes cars liquidation too warm to run well. i hate you.
talking fast is the only way to feel like you are keeping up with life.
my thought process of making myself not fall for any guys was unnecessary.
cameron really needs to get a car instead of using ours. it's getting annoying.
"to the max" is a fun phrase to add after certain sentences.
i don't know how i'm going to get home from school tomorrow.
i'm sad. i have to miss the ice cream social in order to get ap stats help during lunch hour.
my room is a mess. i don't have time to clean up.
if i made time, i wouldn't be blogging.
i'm taking a break from ap lit homework to write this by the way. be grateful.
my poor journal. it suffers.
i haven't used my locker yet...
my backpack is far too heavy.
i missed mr. haymond a lot today. i just wanted a big bear hug.
i knocked on the wrong appt. door trying to find my brother. ooh my, college guy who answered the door you are attractive...haha, to the max.
my mom told me today that she wouldn't mind if i actually believed that i was beautiful.
my response was that i knew once upon a time i was beautiful to madison.
i quickly changed the subject.
i have pimples. i'm obviously going through an ugly stage.
picture day tomorrow. lame. it's going to be twice as long because of stupid senior pictures.
wishing that someone would call you just to have a conversation is hopeless.
football game this friday. good luck Champ!
a visit to AHS would be sublime. if i had a mode of transportation hahaha
i rarely think of cali friend anymore, just when i'm at home.
i want to hang out with my new friends - but i don't feel "in" yet.
i'm hungry.
my mom won't buy normal food. i hate diets.
i feel like going to a stake dance right now.
haha but i'm too exhausted, even if there were one.
anyway. my ten minutes are over. back to ap lit.


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